Sunday, March 7, 2010


I have never felt such relief.  This past week has been ridiculous.  My paper is done ( I was up until 5am on Friday morning )and my presentation went sooo well!  The Chief Nursing Officer of the hospital was there to watch!! Talk about nerve-wracking! 

But now I can finally relax and enjoy my LAST spring break. 

Tomorrow is an open house at a hospital in NC.  They said there is huge possibility than many of us will be able to set up interviews!! 

 On Wednesday, I have my first inteview at a hospital in Columbia! Keep your fingers and toes crossed and send up a little prayer!

My weekend was great.  Friday night, my mom and I went over to my aunts house to have cake and ice cream.  My little cousin turned 7 today and my aunt let Jonah have 3 boys sleepover that night..  They were too cute...AND all over the place.  Talk about a suger overload!

 Yesterday Mom and I went shopping in Charlotte for interview clothes, my Carolina Cup dress, and my graduation dress.  I didn't find any cute interview clothes, but I'm going to wear a 'businessy' dress that I bought a few months ago.  It actually is cuter than any business suit I've ever seen!

I did find my Cup dress!! It's sooo cute!! Now all I need to do is find cute shoes that will hold up in grass (preferably wedges or espadrilles), a floppy hat, and a PINK tie for Dave.  The trouble going to be trying to get him to wear it!

I found my gradaution dress # 1 too!

And bought some PRECIOUS  earrings at NY&Co.

I'm hoping to go back sometime this week for my birthday shopping spree!
I saw some super duper cute stuff that was screaming my naaaame!

Saturday night, I went over to my friend John's parent's house.  I haven't been to their house since early January, and it's been killing me that I haven't been able to!  It was so great to see them again, yet it was SO hard this time.  It's been exactly a year since the last time I saw John.  I remember he was home the first weekend of my spring break.  He had to get his passport for his spring break trip to Costa Rica.   He stopped by Dave's house and we had a redneck bonfire out in the woods.  I never thought this was the last time he was ever going to give me one of his huge-can't-breath-b/c-you're-squeezing-so-hard hugs. I never thought that it would be the last time that I saw him either.  This past Friday marked 9 months since he was killed. 


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