Friday, July 30, 2010

Oh deer...dear?

Oh for the love of deer.  I am going to the hunt club land tomorrow with Dave.

Haaa. Totally joking..about the joy.

I told him that I wanted to go sometime.  NOT in 102 degree weather.
But I'm being a good girlfriend and sucking it up. 

 I hope that I can get some good photos out of this adventure!  I'm just going to 'observe' the boys doing their manly things that they need done before hunting season.  Maybe I'll get to be nurse. ( JUST KIDDING on that one...I really hope I don't get to play nurse)

I'm dreading it though, because not only is it gonna be scorching and humid, but I have to wear JEANS b/c of the brush and briars...and bugs.

Thank You Lord Jesus for the 4 wheeler. 
Otherwise, Miss Megan might die of heat exhaustion from the 2 mile walk to the 'food plot' and 'deer stands'.

This better be worth it!

I hope I see Bambi or Thumper or something like that.

Pray that I don't get chiggers or ticks!!

I'm sure I'll have a humorous/bitchfest post on Saturday!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Key Rack

This is my latest project!

Can anyone guess what movie the quote "Home is where you make it" is in?


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This Would Happen...

So I woke up on the RIGHT side of the bed today.  I thinking my vent post really helped! Hahaha!
I woke up REALLY late today. 
My parents weren't home and neither was my brother. They were out registering my brother for classes.

I got up and made a yummy grilled cheese sandwich and heated up some eggplant soup.

Then the doorbell rang.

I go answer it.

It's the mailman with a package for me!

It was my new professional curling iron that I ordered off of for a lovely $25.

So...Like a little kid on Christmas, I rip it out of the box.

I fold the box up and out the door I go to throw the box away.

Then...I realize that I'm locked out.  Grrrreat.

Dad just replaced all the locks with the 'safer'  new kind of lock. This kind of lock is an anti-lock-in doorknob lock.  Even if the door is in locked position (-) you can still open the door. BUT the new locked position is opposite from the old lock position.  

I was locked outside in the disgusting heat of SC for an hour and a half.  IN MY PAJAMAS.

So....whats a girl to do? 

I sat on the porch for 15 minutes waiting for someone to drive by. Nobody did.

(THERE WAS NO WAY I WAS WALKING TO THE NEIGHBORS HOUSE LOOKING THE WAY I a hot bra...old-as-me-x-large-tshirt and pj pants.)

 I tried breaking in through the basement which ended in a halfbroken window ( only the 1 pane of glass broke...not the pane that I needed broken).

I gave up and went skinny dipping in our pool.

And then an hour and 15 minutes later the parentals showed up.

AND LAUGHED!  Then we found a hiding place for a spare key.

The end.


Its amazing how crappy today was. I don't even know what made today crappy. It just was.

It's become more obvious that I will more than likely sit on my ass for the next 5 months. NO JOB PROSPECTS WHATSOEVER. UGH I HATE YOU ECONOMY!

I'm vomit a little in my mouth each time I see a ring on Fb and every day someone else gets engaged. I have this immense fear of being an old maid...and what is SAD is the fact that I'm in a relationship. I'm such a goober when it comes to weddings and babies. I have the wedding/marriage itch right now and it won't go away.

I cannot wait to get the hell out of my house. I don't even know why I'm redoing my room. I want my own stuff, cook what I want to eat, and do what the hell I want to do. BUT NOPE....Can't do that because I have NO MONEY...because I don't have a JOB!!!

I'm the ONLY person in my nursing school group of friends (there are 6 of us) that has not found a job yet.

$200 to take the NCLEX got me REAL far.....Negative $200 out of my pocket and all I have is a RN license number.

I'm SO tempted to deactivate my Facebook account for a little while. It has caused me tooooo much stress these days. AND without a JOB....Facebook is so tempting. Now THAT is sad.

I've gained a shit ton of weight in the past 2 years. I say I'm going to work out. I don't. I map out exercise plans and diets...and I last about a week on them. I hate running. I hate group exercise. I guess I'll just be fat for the rest of my life.

I did something to my wrist. It's been hurting for the past 3 weeks off and on. Arthritis at 22? Craaaap.

My roots are showing.

I have an acne flare up more worse than I have ever seen in my life.

Annnnnnd I'm done for today.

Vent much?

**I promise a happier post tomorrow.....maybe**

Monday, July 26, 2010

Lake Day

On Saturday, I went on the lake with Dave, and his twin brother and his girlfriend on our dear friend John's parent's boat.  Opie came along too! He is such a good little swimmer!  Makes his Momma soooo proud!

"I'm 20 weeks old now!"

"I'll be bring these duckies in come next fall!" ( Poor ducks)

We got stuck in a HELL of a storm. Thank God for knowing people with a lakehouse.  We were stranded on their porch for about an hour and a half while a monsoon hit. 

And I was an idiot and left my Jeep window's cracked.  Yay for HORIZONTAL rain.  My interior was SOAKED!

Good thing for 103 degree interior dried out completely before noon on Sunday.
I'm sad though...20 more days of summer with Dave.  He goes back to Clemson on August 14th :(

Friday, July 23, 2010


I have been a busy girl lately.  I don't mean like running around doing big girl errands...I've been busy with crafts and such...Because I have nothing to do...because I DON'T HAVE A FREAKIN' JOB!!

I've gone Martha Stewart crazy and have Mrs. Davis at The Carolina Housewife to thank for inspiration for craftyness and DIY stuff!

I've been wanting to redo my room for a while now and just now realized that  I have the time to do it all! 

I got this idea from Mrs. Davis! 

Those are the colors I'm going with for my room!!

I also made this for my sweet Grandmother. 


And Charlotte, NC is #2 in McAlisters Tea Town contest.  They had a Doggy Photo Contest on Facebook and I entered my dog in it!

Isn't he adorable!?

Do you have any DIY ideas that you'd like to share?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mountain House Recap

The 4th of July was SO relaxing!  Blowing Rock, North Carolina is GORGEOUS! 

The weather was PERFECT!  Just hot enough during the day to not break out into a disgusting sweat and cool enough in the evening to wear sweats and a sweatshirt!  (I'm an IDIOT and completely forgot to pack for cool nights...It's summer! Why would I need warm clothes?)

We spent the weekend rocking on the porch, reading, relaxing, playing with Opie, shopping (at the Shoppes on the Parkway (Tanger Outlets!)) and just having wonderful conversation.

Mornings were spent sipping coffee at this cute little table on the porch and reading.

Afternoons were spent playing in the creek with the Opie

Evenings were spent eating this and drinking that.

(Honeymoon Summer Ale and Bacardi Sangria)

This dog has my heart...

...and so does his Daddy!

I love this place.

It occured to me that I rarely have photos of myself now....I guess I'm still in the attached-at-the-hip stage with my camera!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Missouri Wedding Recap

My trip to Missouri was wonderful!  I think I did pretty well on the plane!!  The layover was not stressful at all! Thank God!! 

I sat by the SWEETEST little old lady on the plane from Memphis to Kansas City!

Anyways!  The Kansas City Airport was so small...compared to Charlotte and Memphis!

I was completely oblivious to where the heck I was going as I was getting off the plane and I was walking toward baggage claim  and I see this crazy women waving her arms at me. It took me a minute to register that it was Katie and unlike any other airport I've been to they allow people to who aren't flying to be right outside of the gate! We made a ruckus and squealed like little girls when we saw each other!

Katie had to work on Wednesday and Thursday so she let me borrow her car so I could sight see.  Missouri is beautiful.  Rolling hills and fields for miles!!  I almost imagined Laura Ingalls and a covered wagon to come up over one of them! Friday was a work day!  We set up the reception hall and church and didn't get in bed until midnight!

We were at the church at 9am the next morning to get ready!  It was a long but fun day.  Katie was GORGEOUS!  The wedding was beautiful.  I think all of the bridesmaids lost it when she was coming down the aisle.  Katie said that she wasn't going to cry but the second she saw her mom, she started !  It was a chain reaction for the bridesmaids!  But it was a beautiful moment!

The reception was a blast! I was EXHAUSTED and was DREADING the early morning ahead.  I spent that night with Katie and Nate's married friends, Mary and Byron.  I got about 3 hours of sleep and then woke up at 4:20am because my flight time was 6:28. Byron was a dear and took me to the airport.  He was going fishing with a friend that morning.   We left their house at 5am. They live an hour away from the airport.  The crazy funny thing is that I got to the airport at 6am.  I would have COMPLETELY missed my flight if I were in an airport like the one in Memphis and Charlotte.  I was freaking out!!!!  Until....I was sitting comfortably on the plane by 6:10am...I'm not kidding.


The single Calla Lilly that I held.


Kate and Nate
June 26, 2010


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Off again!

I will hopefully post a longer post telling of my travels within a week or two. I am currently in route to Maryland to visit/care for my cousin who was in a motorcycle accident a week ago today. My uncle came down to SC for a few days and offered to take me back home with him! My parents are driving halfway and we are meeting them a little north of Roanoke, Virginia on Sunday!

Wish me safe travels!!!!
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Friday, July 2, 2010

I'm off again!

I am heading out of town again!

This time it is to the Smoky Moutains of NC.

I'll be staying here with Dave and his family!

No TV and only 1 bathroom!! And I couldn't be more excited! ( Well...maybe not about the 1 bathroom)

I'm planning on posting about the Missouri wedding and my life since then when I get home from the mountains.

Have a Happy 4th of July!!