Friday, July 30, 2010

Oh deer...dear?

Oh for the love of deer.  I am going to the hunt club land tomorrow with Dave.

Haaa. Totally joking..about the joy.

I told him that I wanted to go sometime.  NOT in 102 degree weather.
But I'm being a good girlfriend and sucking it up. 

 I hope that I can get some good photos out of this adventure!  I'm just going to 'observe' the boys doing their manly things that they need done before hunting season.  Maybe I'll get to be nurse. ( JUST KIDDING on that one...I really hope I don't get to play nurse)

I'm dreading it though, because not only is it gonna be scorching and humid, but I have to wear JEANS b/c of the brush and briars...and bugs.

Thank You Lord Jesus for the 4 wheeler. 
Otherwise, Miss Megan might die of heat exhaustion from the 2 mile walk to the 'food plot' and 'deer stands'.

This better be worth it!

I hope I see Bambi or Thumper or something like that.

Pray that I don't get chiggers or ticks!!

I'm sure I'll have a humorous/bitchfest post on Saturday!


  1. What a good girlfriend you are! Guess that's what happens when you date country boys, but they're usually pretty good. :)

    I think I would flip out if I saw "Bambi" get shot though. I only do target shooting; I couldn't kill an animal!

    Have fun on the 4 wheeler though! Sounds like a great time! Have your boy take you on a girly, sophisticated date as repayment! :)

  2. Hahaha! Yea! I only target shoot and shoot with a camera! I'd be the one to yell 'Run deer run!!! Hunting season doesn't start til there isn't gonna be any poor BBambi shooting today. Thank God!!


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