Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I lived :)

My adventures in the woods were actually non adventurous.
I got maaaybe 10 chiggers.  I had to paint my legs with clear fingernail polish. It looks like I have  peely skin. Kinda gross...but I'm glad I only have 10!

It was SO hot that day.  Disgusting hot.  I have never had swamp ass like I did on Friday.

It was actually a lot of fun. I was proud of myself because I don't think I complained at all.

On Wednesday I am going back to the cabin in Blowing Rock, NC!

Dave's Mom and sister and I are going to this beautiful little Italian winery while we are up there! I'm so excited !

I've never been to a vineyard.....which is weird...because I LOVE wine.  Haha....but I've only been legal for a litle over a year...so I guess that explains why I haven't been!

North Carolina is actually home to over 90 wineries! 
Actually,  by the dawn of the 20th century, North Carolina was the leading wine-producing region in the nation.  Crazy...because I've always thought of California as the wine capital of America.

 I can't wait to get some awesome photos...and wine and dine!

What type of vino is your favorite?

**I love white wines!**
Riesling and Moscato are my favorites.


  1. Found your blog from [Life of Meg]'s Monday Mingle...

    I love Williamette (pronounced Will-am-ett) Valley vineyards (Oregon) Edelweiss. It's a sweet light-white wine... LOVE IT!
    http://www.northwest-wine.com/willamette-valley-vineyards.html. Not terribly expensive. I keep a couple of bottles on hand all the time. :)

  2. Going to the winery should be a lot of fun. Hope the chigger bites calm down, and do I even want to know what swamp ass is? ;-)

  3. Oh, the winery sounds like it will be so much fun! I love sweet wines!

  4. Lana- I have no filter....and you don't want to know what it is. Just think heat, humidity, lots of sweat and put it together with shorts or tight jeans....and you have swamp ass. Not fun or very attractive either. TMI! Hahaha

  5. Stopping by from the [Life of Meg] Mingle Monday! I love pinot grigio ;)



  6. Hello! Stopping by from Mingle Monday :)
    Love your blog!
    I love all wines! :) Reds mostly though.


  7. Just answering your sushi question!

    There are no good sushi places in Fort Mill but Charlotte has a few and Huntersville has the best one.

    Yama Fusion
    Cyros & Sake
    Sushi 101 is pretty good too.

    In Birkdale Village (Huntersville), eeZ Fusion has the best sushi I've had in the Charlotte Metro area. It's my FAVORITE and my husband's as well! :-)

  8. Hi! Thanks for the review of my blog on Mingle Monday! Your blog is adorable...and I can't wait to read more about all of your southern adventures! BTW...I love vino as well--not sure I have pinned down a favorite (yet). :)

  9. My favorite shifts with my mood and the season. Though I'm always about the Pinots whether it is Noir or Grigio they are yummy!

  10. Have fun in NC!
    I dont really know what my favorite wine is. I dont think I've found it yet!

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  13. Hi there

    Just found your blog through Meet and Greet Monday. I like your style of writing, going to sign up to follow so I can keep up with your adventures! What are chiggers??
    Oh and my favourite wine is a nice sav blanc from New Zealand!!

    Jill @ Creating my Way to Success

  14. New follower here! Yum Wine, you made my mouth drool just a little. When I do have a glass it is usually a pino noir.

  15. I am now following you thanks to Meet & Greet Monday!It would be nice if you could share the love back on my blog !
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  16. Just stoppin' by from Meet and Greet Monday. Congrats on being featured. Here in Indiana our state wine is Traminette. I'm actually getting ready to do a post about it later this week so you will have to stop by and check it out.

  17. I've never been a wine drinker...Maybe it is because my closest brushes with real wine was Mad Dog and Boones Farm?

  18. Hi there! I am your newest follower! Nice to meet you!

  19. Nice to meet you. It sounds like you're having fun in NC. (I always thought California was the wine capital of the U.S. too.) I like blushes and merlots; although, my favorite wine drink is Sangria. I'm now a new follower. Have a great week. http://mommyspirit.blogspot.com

  20. I guess you've been to the winery by now. Hope you guys had fun! Hi, I'm your newest follower from Marlessa's Monday Meet blog hop and what a beautiful blog you have here! I hope you'll come visit and follow my blog too. You can't have too many blogging buddies I always say. Thanks!


  21. Hi there...newest follower from the Monday Blog Hops. Hoping you'll drop by for a visit. My favorite is red wine by far. :) I like white at certain times, but I would drink red anytime.

    Marie The Things We Find Inside


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