Monday, August 23, 2010

I have a problem

Hello. I'm Megan and I Love Reality TV.

LOOOOVE IT.  I love the ridiculousness  of it all. 

I'm obsessed with  Real Housewives of NYC, NJ, OC and ATL

Sorry DC...but YOU SUCK.  I really can't pick which is my favorite out of the other 4.  They are equally horribly addictive.  I wish my personality was a mix between Vicki (OC), Gretchen (OC),  Bethenny (NYC), and Caroline (NJ). 

I can't get enough Bethennyisms. ( I LOVE BETHENNY GETTING MARRIED?)

Or enough "Fabulous's" by Theresa's kids.

Or enough WOOO HOOO's from Vicki.

I want to be raise my future family like Caroline has raised hers.

 The Bachelor / Bachelorette is like crack.

I hate that I love this show so freakin' much.  It's just so fun watching girls and guys go completely goo goo gaa gaa for love.  It's great. 

There is NO way I'd let my grandparents, parents and everyone in the country watch me practically do it on TV. 

I get so caught up in the Final Rose ceremony. I admit that I've cried.... new crazy show is a spin off of the Bachelor.  It's pretty awesome.

The Bachelor Pad.

Throw in several horny guys and several fake boobed girls plus $250,000 and you've got serious drama.

I have no idea who I want to win because so many of my favorites are on there!

Tonight's episode there was a kissing competition which got pretty steamy, and there were 2 couples that are starting to be really cute together.

Can't wait for next week's episode!

I need a new show to fall in love with.

Which shows are your favorites?


  1. Haha. I've never gotten into those shows, although I did watch a season of the Bachelor and Bachelorette. I love Survivor, Gossip Girl, The Office, and the Good Wife! All good shows!

  2. I am obsessed w/ the Bachelor and Bachelorette as well!!!! Oh, and I have been watching the Bachelor pad..although I do not love it as much it is still entertaining. I will have to watch last nights episode on later today!

  3. Here from Life of Meg!

    I too? Am obsessed with Reality TV. And I'm not even sure why!

    Most of the shows? Dumb. Do I Love them? Yes.


    -Elizabeth @ Permanently At Lunch

  4. Interestingly enough, I am NOT obsessed with reality tv shows. I love what I call "real tv" and you already know if you read my blog, I'm obsessed. I am OBSESSED with House, Castle, The Good Wife, etc, etc. I'm glad to know someone else loves television!

  5. I am a Real Housewives Junkie myself! I really do like how Caroline is with her family, her kids do respect her.


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