Monday, October 18, 2010


...about catching that bouquet.

I didn't know I got THAT crazy about catching the bouquet.  And NO...I didn't fall....I just showed my goodies to everyone.

And my friend ended up catching it!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

Gamecock GLORY!

3 lukewarm bottles Dasani water = $9
Sangria that I couldn't drink because it was way to hot outside= $15
Football Ticket =$80

Screaming 'COCKS" at the top of my lungs, Dancing to 'Sandstorm' with 80,000 friends and being there to witness the USC Gamecocks beat #1 Alabama..... PRICELESS

Saturday was INTENSE!!

For was HOT as hell!  I also had NO idea if I was going to find a ticket or not. 
After searching long and hard 20 minutes before kick-off I bit the bullet and paid $80 for an upper level ticket. 

Upper level my ass!!

My dear old roommate faked dumb to the event staff and was like " Whaaat? I need a wrist band to sit in the student section? Really?"  She said the dude handed her another wristband without question!  Succkers!! 

I have my 4 years of college..had seats like I had on Saturday.  Front row of the student section, east endzone.  Perfect view of the field.  AMAZING!

I missed kick off....but thats okay.  I heard "2001" later in the game.

The atmosphere was surreal.  The electricity felt was soooo crazy.  The crowd never let up. 

The Cocks did it!  We shut down the #1 team in the nation!

I got chills and almost cried during the singing of the alma mater after the end of game.

We hail thee, Carolina, and sing thy high praise
With loyal devotion, remembering the days
When proudly we sought thee, thy children to be:
Here's a health, Carolina, forever to thee!



Low Tide with a chance of 'Sandstorm'


Complete Chaos!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Photo Editting Fun.

I love  It's too much fun around  Halloween. 

Here is why.

I can be like Edward.

My skin pale white and ice cold.


I can be like Bill Compton.
I look well fed thanks to TrueBlood.

I think I'll try Defying Gravity!

Green...For Good. (Wicked-for all you Broadway haters)



" I'm a real girl!"
I would go N'SYNC on you here but I'll spare you.

Blonde Geishas have more fun.

Oh... no lie...I googled Blonde Geisha...and there is such a's a book too! I don't have anything witty about mimes. 

Thats all folks! 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Land of Cotton

I have been blessed to see fields of cotton grow each fall. This cotton field is at the top of my road...literally a 2 minute walk from my house! This is the first time in 4 years that I've gotten to see it!  While I was away at ,I never got to make it home in time to see the "fields of white".  The cotton machine always picked it before I could get home to see it. I got to see the cotton this year.  It's beautiful!  I'm hoping they leave it up for a while longer!  I'm dying to take more pictures!

I caught a little flare in this photo!


Remember me? I've completely put blogging on the back burner for the past few weeks. For two weeks I worked nights which I loved..!ut the didn't love me. I couldn't fall asleep during the day and it has messed up my body in more ways than just sleep. My face looks like it got attacked by fire ants...really hormones? Work has been ridiculous. They literally threw me over the edge and made me fly. I haven't figured out my wings yet. I'm fluttering feeet from the ground. Today was the worst! I had a patient die...she was under our hospice care though...but still. Having a CNA come get me and say ' Uh...I think she's dead' isn't something I like to hear everday. Then about an hour before I was SUPPOSED to get off a brand new patient completely coded and had to be sent out to the hospital. Unreadable BP, status epilepticus seizures, severe hypoglycemia and stopped breathing for a whole freaking minute. Never saw someone turn almost blue before. Crazy day! Pray tomorrow is stress/seizure/code free!
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