Thursday, October 7, 2010

Photo Editting Fun.

I love  It's too much fun around  Halloween. 

Here is why.

I can be like Edward.

My skin pale white and ice cold.


I can be like Bill Compton.
I look well fed thanks to TrueBlood.

I think I'll try Defying Gravity!

Green...For Good. (Wicked-for all you Broadway haters)



" I'm a real girl!"
I would go N'SYNC on you here but I'll spare you.

Blonde Geishas have more fun.

Oh... no lie...I googled Blonde Geisha...and there is such a's a book too! I don't have anything witty about mimes. 

Thats all folks! 


  1. That was a good giggle!! lol. Thanks for sharing your fun!


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