Thursday, April 29, 2010

Last Day!

            The last day of class was Monday April 26th. Well, I had a 3 day NCLEX review course.  However, this course made me feel really calm about the study process and the test.  I'm still terrified, but not nearly as terrified as I was prior to the reviews.  I now know what I need to focus on and have already mapped out on my calender the days I'm going to set aside for studying.  Hopefully I can take the NCLEX the first or second week of June! 

Also, today is my LAST REQUIREMENT FOR UNDERGRAD! I have a test which doesn't count against me. It is more for my own good because it will tell me what I need to focus on!

Oh...and I have a product that I want to share with you because I love it
I've never been so excited or obsessed with nail polish the way I am about this

 It is Sally Hansens Complete Salon Manicure nail polish.  It is 5 Steps of a Manicure in one fabulous little bottle. Its got Base Coat, Strengthener, Growth Treatment, Color, Top Coat. It wasn't too expensive. It was like $6, but I'm usually a cheapy when it comes to polish. 

So I thought that this BETTER  be good nail polish. And it was.

I got it in "Shell We Dance", which is a very light pink shade.  Over my nails it looks like a perfect french manicure.  I'm pretty stoked.  Totally recommend it!!

**Weight Loss Update**
I'm down - 4 pounds still.  Ugh.. But 4 pounds is still better than none!! 


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What I've leaRNed...

A professor showed us this video done by the University of Alabama-Birmingham.  It was really neat and I'm dedicating this to all of my nursing friends out there who are either in nursing school or are about to graduate!



Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend Recap

My extended weekend was fabulous!


I went home after picking up my college ring! It is beautiful and fits perfectly! 

I got to spend some quality time relaxing with my crazy family.


 I went shopping with my mom at our city's dinky little mall.   This mall used to be connected directly to a Walmart.  The biggest thrill ( if you ever want to call it a thrill) of that mall is the Victoria's Secret. Other than than its your typical teenager stores like American Eagle, Pac Sun and Aeropostle.  Then there are the ghetto-fabulous stores. 

Thats why I like to venture elsewhere to shop.

I DID find some black peeptoe pumps for the wedding I'm in this summer.

My phone officially sucks.  I have to pop the battery out like 1284791 times a day.


I was supposed to have an interview, but as I was walking out the door, the nurse manager called to postpone my interview.  There was some sort of dilemna on the floor and her schedule got shot to hell. So, I have an inteview on Thursday!  PLEASE pray that they pick me because this is THE JOB that would be SO PERFECT for me right now.  It's not NICU related, but everything about this job is perfect for me in this stage of my life right now. 

I drove to Clemson to see my love and the cutest little puppy in the world!  He has grown SO much in just one week!

However, he did something that just BROKE my heart.

He humped MY leg.

He's only 7 weeks old! They aren't supposed to do that at 7 weeks!!  He's just a baby.
It is just heartbreaking to see your little man go at your leg like that!


Look how little he is compared to the tire!

"I'd rather chew on this than watch the race"  (Me too Opie...Me too)


Playing with his new friend/mentor,  Hunter Mann ( Dave's friend's lab)

Playing makes me sleepy!


It rained cats and dogs in SC today!! 
 I did get to spend the WHOLE day with Opie! Dave and Dan had their Scuba certification test at Lake Keowee, so I got to watch the little one! 

Me and Opie played, and slept and played and slept. 

and we watched the NFL Draft for way too long.  I think the Carolina Panthers had some AWESOME draft picks though, U of SC's very own Eric Norwood got picked!

My phone got even crappier.  Now it wont even light up.  It still works, I just have to used the voicedial to dial out. I can't see who calls or who has called or anything. 



We took Opie to Lake Issaqueena to play and possibly swim.  Dave taught him how to heel! 

We also waded out into the water and tried to coax Opie in, but he wasn't having any of it.  He came in just a little bit but cried and whimpered.  I think it was too cold for him, and it may be too early to try to get him to swim.

Then I left Clemson for Columbia :(


11 days til graduation though!!!!!!!!


Thursday, April 22, 2010


I have never been SO frustrated!!!!!!

1.  The patient case study that I've worked so hard on for the past week got PISSED on by my professor.  It's a 16 page long case study that goes into detail about my complete physical assessment on a patient in the Emergency Department.  I have a complete care plan and evidence based research (from FIVE peer-reviewed journals) to back up that care plan and my professor sends me this

"Megan, your paper is not well done. It lacks the required references to support an evidenced based validation of care. Your assessment is incomplete and not well written. The plan of care you developed is good but is not supported well by your research. At this point, you may redo your paper or you can accept a grade of 85 for your paper. That would most probably result in a B for the course. I am happy to talk to about your paper if you want to rewrite it to see how I can help you improve your grade."


I did NOT come to nursing school to learn how to write research papers! I came to learn how to take care of patients! They can kiss my butt, I made A's in every English class I've ever taken! ( Ok...maybe not English III AP in High School).


2.  My blackberry is now a crackberry.  Its a touch screen and it freezed randomly and the screen goes black and I have to take the battery out and put it back in to get it to work.  I think I've taken my battery out like 40 times today.

3.  I suck at losing weight.  I'm still at -4 pounds.  Poo on you Fat!

4. Graduation couldn't come ANY slower.

5. Licensing and board registration and criminal background check and fingerprinting and all this stuff just so I can get my nursing license is getting to be a pain in the arse.

May 7th better hurry the hell up or I think I might lose it.

Ok...I'm done bitching now.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

I am in LOVE!

I believe in love at first sight especially after seeing this little thing!

Today, Dave, his sister Katherine and I drove down to Myrtle Beach to pick up little Opie.  He is the sweetest thing ever!! He is very curious and already knows that Dave is his master!!  He's precious!!! He was born on March 7, 2010 and is exactly 6 weeks old today! 

He was so good in the car for the 2.5 hour drive!  Lets just see if he makes it the 2.5 hours home to Clemson! 

Here's some pictures of our little man!!

Getting ready to head to Columbia!

Lovin' on Dave

Sleeeeeepy puppy!


Biiiiiiiiig yawn!

Aunt Katherine and her nephewdog


All ready for the ride to Clemson!

Nothing could sound as sweet as the pitter patter of puppy feet!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

-4 !

Progress!!  I've lost 4 pounds!  Yay! I weighed myself at the hospital yesterday and I was 4 pounds lighter than last Saturday, and I weighed at about the same time!!  I have not had soda since Saturday, except for 1 Diet Mtn Dew w/ cherry vodka! It's such a good feeling to see progress in weight loss!

Yesterday was my LAST clinical of my undergraduate career!!  Thank GOD!  Now only 20 days until graduation!!

I would write more, I have lots to say, but I have a gigantic paper due on Monday and this weekend is getting cut short a litte because Dave and I are going to Myrtle Beach tomorrow to pick up his PUPPY!!  He's getting a purebred black lab! He's naming it Opie from the Andy Griffith show.  I can't wait!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Poor girl.

Is it wrong that I almost peed my pants watching this?


Sunday, April 11, 2010

It just got real.

I.....just registered...For the.....NCLEX-RN exam.

Holy Moly.

It just got really really real for me. Agh!!


As of today....

I am on a mission to get off my ass and get moving.  I weighed myself at the hospital yesterday and literally about had a heart attack.  I am SO upset with myself for letting myself go like this.  So....I'm making a contract with myself on here that I will lose weight in a healthy way.  So heres the contract.

- Drink 96oz of water a day.
-Run 30 minutes a day
-Do each day's P90X exercise at full force ( max weights and all)

-Eat breakfast (2 boiled eggs)
-Midmorning snack ( nuts or apple)
-Lunch (meat, cheese, crackers, fruit)
-Midafternoon snack ( cheese stick)
-Dinner ( grilled chicken, steamed veggie, salad w/ oil and vinegar)

No break days.   No whining.   No fast food ( unless it is a side salad with grilled chicken or something like that) . No soda.  Sweet tea with Splenda sweetner only. 

My mom and dad are even saying I need to exercise and get off my butt.  (FYI: They are the most supportive parents ever).  I'm blaming nursing school and college.  Haha.  AND myself. 

After each post from here on out...I will write something like this:

Weight Lost/Gain=  - or + lbs
Ran=  ___ minutes and did __miles
P90X= _______videos
Inches Lost=___

So there.  I can't back out now.

And this all begins tomorrow ( since I woke up at 11am, had a rather large glass of tea and have a TON of homework)


Friday, April 9, 2010

College Senior Portraits!

My friend finished editting the senior portraits that she did of me!

She is TOO good!  I wish she had a website so that I could give you all a link to it!