Thursday, April 1, 2010

Summer...Here? Already?

So...spring in SC lasted maybe 3 weeks.  It is hot as hell here.  The high today was 86, and SC humidity made it feel like 90! 

 I was outside for maybe an hour today helping my grandparents in their garden, and I worked up a sweat!  I have a feeling it is going to be a hot summer.  Too bad I couldn't lay out by the pool today!  My burn from the Carolina Cup is still pretty bad.  I'm all peely and I'd just get burned worse if I tried to tan today! 

I'm home for Easter by the way.  Thank God my schedule fell into place and I got to come home last night!  Whoo hoo!  And yay for 35 days left until graduation!

WHICH means....I need to kick my BUTT into shape because I will be in a bridesmaids dress on June 26th!  85 days.  I can do it.  You all HAVE keep me accountable!!  Get mean!  Haha. 

 I'm planning on going back on the P90X track which is totally awesome when I can find time for it. 

 Also, I'm going to drink a ton of water.  I figured it I have 16 oz of water at each meal, plus 16 ounces of water in between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner and only 8 ounces when I wake up and in the evening,  I'll be on track with the ounces per pound deal.  It adds up to 96 ounces a day. 

I'm hoping to lose 25 pounds in 12 weeks, which equals 2 pounds a week.  I can TOTALLY do this.  My plan is to be back to prom weight....or freshman year weight ( how many people can say that?) 

AND I want to grow my hair out again.  I'm thinking about taking prenatal vitamins to help speed it up. Definitely NOT pregnant.

This is the only picture I could find that really showed how long my hair a length I actually liked.  Too long and my hair looks stringy...and too short I can't do anything with it!  Please don't laugh.  It was for my chorus' spring show.  Baahahaahaaaa.




  1. Girl, tell me about it, I was roasting out there today! Spring has left us already--no we won't see a glimmer of cool weather until November, haha.

    And how in the HECK do you have 25 pounds to lose?? From where?? And 96 ounces of water a day? You're so good. I could drink that in sweet tea a day...hahaha...

  2. Nursing school put the pounds on! And I think I DO drink 96 oz of sweet tea a day. Hahaha. That probably explains the extra 25lbs!

  3. Wow! That is hot! It was around 80 degrees in Ohio today - too hot for me! I only like it to be that warm when I'm in the pool.

    Also, good luck with your weight loss! I'm trying to lose weight for graduation, but it's not going well. haha. I love my food too much! Hopefully all the working out will pay off soon!


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