Sunday, April 11, 2010

As of today....

I am on a mission to get off my ass and get moving.  I weighed myself at the hospital yesterday and literally about had a heart attack.  I am SO upset with myself for letting myself go like this.  So....I'm making a contract with myself on here that I will lose weight in a healthy way.  So heres the contract.

- Drink 96oz of water a day.
-Run 30 minutes a day
-Do each day's P90X exercise at full force ( max weights and all)

-Eat breakfast (2 boiled eggs)
-Midmorning snack ( nuts or apple)
-Lunch (meat, cheese, crackers, fruit)
-Midafternoon snack ( cheese stick)
-Dinner ( grilled chicken, steamed veggie, salad w/ oil and vinegar)

No break days.   No whining.   No fast food ( unless it is a side salad with grilled chicken or something like that) . No soda.  Sweet tea with Splenda sweetner only. 

My mom and dad are even saying I need to exercise and get off my butt.  (FYI: They are the most supportive parents ever).  I'm blaming nursing school and college.  Haha.  AND myself. 

After each post from here on out...I will write something like this:

Weight Lost/Gain=  - or + lbs
Ran=  ___ minutes and did __miles
P90X= _______videos
Inches Lost=___

So there.  I can't back out now.

And this all begins tomorrow ( since I woke up at 11am, had a rather large glass of tea and have a TON of homework)



  1. You're clearly more dedicated than me, haha. My diet schedule consists of walking to the mailbox or around the neighborhood and eating exactly what I want 24/7 lol!

    Looking forward to your progress :-)

  2. Good for you! I'm also trying to lose weight (hoping for losing 10 pounds by graduation - I still have another 5 to go!) It's this daggone college lifestyle. haha


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