Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend Recap

My extended weekend was fabulous!


I went home after picking up my college ring! It is beautiful and fits perfectly! 

I got to spend some quality time relaxing with my crazy family.


 I went shopping with my mom at our city's dinky little mall.   This mall used to be connected directly to a Walmart.  The biggest thrill ( if you ever want to call it a thrill) of that mall is the Victoria's Secret. Other than than its your typical teenager stores like American Eagle, Pac Sun and Aeropostle.  Then there are the ghetto-fabulous stores. 

Thats why I like to venture elsewhere to shop.

I DID find some black peeptoe pumps for the wedding I'm in this summer.

My phone officially sucks.  I have to pop the battery out like 1284791 times a day.


I was supposed to have an interview, but as I was walking out the door, the nurse manager called to postpone my interview.  There was some sort of dilemna on the floor and her schedule got shot to hell. So, I have an inteview on Thursday!  PLEASE pray that they pick me because this is THE JOB that would be SO PERFECT for me right now.  It's not NICU related, but everything about this job is perfect for me in this stage of my life right now. 

I drove to Clemson to see my love and the cutest little puppy in the world!  He has grown SO much in just one week!

However, he did something that just BROKE my heart.

He humped MY leg.

He's only 7 weeks old! They aren't supposed to do that at 7 weeks!!  He's just a baby.
It is just heartbreaking to see your little man go at your leg like that!


Look how little he is compared to the tire!

"I'd rather chew on this than watch the race"  (Me too Opie...Me too)


Playing with his new friend/mentor,  Hunter Mann ( Dave's friend's lab)

Playing makes me sleepy!


It rained cats and dogs in SC today!! 
 I did get to spend the WHOLE day with Opie! Dave and Dan had their Scuba certification test at Lake Keowee, so I got to watch the little one! 

Me and Opie played, and slept and played and slept. 

and we watched the NFL Draft for way too long.  I think the Carolina Panthers had some AWESOME draft picks though, U of SC's very own Eric Norwood got picked!

My phone got even crappier.  Now it wont even light up.  It still works, I just have to used the voicedial to dial out. I can't see who calls or who has called or anything. 



We took Opie to Lake Issaqueena to play and possibly swim.  Dave taught him how to heel! 

We also waded out into the water and tried to coax Opie in, but he wasn't having any of it.  He came in just a little bit but cried and whimpered.  I think it was too cold for him, and it may be too early to try to get him to swim.

Then I left Clemson for Columbia :(


11 days til graduation though!!!!!!!!



  1. That mall you mentioned with the Walmart attached....evil, evil, EVIL place! The only thing redeeming there is the Showmars. The Walmart in Tega Cay is so much better and I frequent it often.

    And Opie so beyond cute and growing like a weed! He's going to be huge!

    Looking forward to details on your job interview--good luck!

  2. Awww...Opie is 1 week younger than Lucas...those pics are just adorable!!! :-D


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