Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bye Bye Beautiful Scrubs.

Right after I got my RN license I went on a scrub shopping spree. 
I got some ADORABLE scrubs tops and bottoms.
I am in LOVE with these to scrub tops...and they are hanging in my closet!  

My new job has a specific ugly dress code.  Hunter green top AND bottom. No mix and match with white bottoms and green top or vice versa.  And there is a fun 'print' top that we can wear to 'mix and match'.  It's horrendous.  It  like a Motel 6 bedspread print. 

I will be wearing scrubs like this.  I just wish I could look as good as she does in them.  A size SMALL swallows me up ( thats a first!). 

Maybe having my beautiful scrubs hang in my closet will be incentive to not gain weight.
I will wear them someday.

BUT I'm not going to let my sexy nursing wardrobe get me down in the dumps.  I have a job....and if wearing ugly scrubs means having a job...I will wear them.

And for Christmas I can wear ornaments in my ears. Haha.



  1. Those scrub tops are too cute!! Bummer!! I know alot of the hospitals in my area are going to dress codes as well :(. No fun!! But yay for having a job!! I can't wait to hear all about it!!

  2. Omg PLEASE tell me where you get cute scrubs because I can't find hardly any patterns that I like! I loooove the first one!

  3. Well I got the 2 tops at a scrub store in Maryland when I went to go visit my family. But I get a scrubs and beyond magazine in the mail and they have all the same scrubs as the store.

    Both of those scrubs are Koi brand.

  4. Sad Day!!! Gosh I know, Buck bought a ton during his last year of nursing school come to find out the new job has certain color blues and styles he has to wear. Fun. Lol.. Well, at least you can be comfy all day, not care if you ruin these 'fun' forest green scrubs and dress up on days off! :)


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