Monday, July 26, 2010

Lake Day

On Saturday, I went on the lake with Dave, and his twin brother and his girlfriend on our dear friend John's parent's boat.  Opie came along too! He is such a good little swimmer!  Makes his Momma soooo proud!

"I'm 20 weeks old now!"

"I'll be bring these duckies in come next fall!" ( Poor ducks)

We got stuck in a HELL of a storm. Thank God for knowing people with a lakehouse.  We were stranded on their porch for about an hour and a half while a monsoon hit. 

And I was an idiot and left my Jeep window's cracked.  Yay for HORIZONTAL rain.  My interior was SOAKED!

Good thing for 103 degree interior dried out completely before noon on Sunday.
I'm sad though...20 more days of summer with Dave.  He goes back to Clemson on August 14th :(


  1. I just stopped over from Mingle Monday! What a cute excited to have found a new one to read! And I'm an RN, too :) Just graduated from nursing school and got a big girl job just 4 days ago! Stop by my blog sometime if you get a chance!

  2. Oh, so jealous of your fun lake day! And, my puppy dog, Mac, looks EXACTLY like Opie. He is a coon dog/black lab mix and only a few months old. What kind of dog is Opie? SUCH A CUTIE!

  3. He is a full blooded black labrador retriever. He is a handful! Haha

  4. Gorgeous black lab. I love my yellow. Nice pics! from Raw - e


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