Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This Would Happen...

So I woke up on the RIGHT side of the bed today.  I thinking my vent post really helped! Hahaha!
I woke up REALLY late today. 
My parents weren't home and neither was my brother. They were out registering my brother for classes.

I got up and made a yummy grilled cheese sandwich and heated up some eggplant soup.

Then the doorbell rang.

I go answer it.

It's the mailman with a package for me!

It was my new professional curling iron that I ordered off of for a lovely $25.

So...Like a little kid on Christmas, I rip it out of the box.

I fold the box up and out the door I go to throw the box away.

Then...I realize that I'm locked out.  Grrrreat.

Dad just replaced all the locks with the 'safer'  new kind of lock. This kind of lock is an anti-lock-in doorknob lock.  Even if the door is in locked position (-) you can still open the door. BUT the new locked position is opposite from the old lock position.  

I was locked outside in the disgusting heat of SC for an hour and a half.  IN MY PAJAMAS.

So....whats a girl to do? 

I sat on the porch for 15 minutes waiting for someone to drive by. Nobody did.

(THERE WAS NO WAY I WAS WALKING TO THE NEIGHBORS HOUSE LOOKING THE WAY I a hot bra...old-as-me-x-large-tshirt and pj pants.)

 I tried breaking in through the basement which ended in a halfbroken window ( only the 1 pane of glass broke...not the pane that I needed broken).

I gave up and went skinny dipping in our pool.

And then an hour and 15 minutes later the parentals showed up.

AND LAUGHED!  Then we found a hiding place for a spare key.

The end.


  1. This story was so much better on here than on FB!! :o)

  2. so, i think this was really just the worlds way to get you to go swimming. That's pretty awesome.
    Hope that's the only mishap of the day :)

  3. It made me laugh!....AFTER THE FACT THOUGH! Hahahaa

  4. LMFAO!!!!!! I'm sorry but that is freaking hysterical, Megan! Sorry you've had a crazy couple days. :-)

  5. Hahaha! The locked out story is too funny! I think the part that you got tired and went skinny dipping was the funniest! I would have went swimming too if I were locked out in this heat! At least you got a new curling iron!

  6. I'm probably as old as your mom with two girls ages 5 & 7 soon to be 6 & 8. I love your blog entries; they are refreshingly honest and make me remember "back in the day." Come visit me at

    Hang in there, Your job is a necessary one, and you will have your job and freedom soon. Patience is hard when you are 20 something (and I hate to tell you it doesn't get much better in your 40's either!) ;-)


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