Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oh what a day.

So, today started off wonderful.  My daddy and I got on the road at the right time.  We had a yummy lunch, and I made it to the  open house 30 minutes prior to start time. 

Things were going great until the people kept coming and coming and coming.  By 2:00, there were 300 people.  All I can think of is, OH CRAP.  Plus the ladies behind me kept talking about how they haven't been able to find a job since last MAY!  Thanks...What a way to freak out a new grad ( who by the way...graduates exactly 2 months from yesterday!)

Anyways, after an hour of 'open-house-stuff', they explained to us that only 45-50 spots are open for hiring.  Then they went on to tell us positions that were not available.  Of course, ALL the reasons I came in the first place were the positions that currently were not open.  UGH! 

So, I gave my 10 resumes to 10 floors that I'd maybe think about working on if I get a call back. Great.  But the floors that I would love to be on had lines 40 people deep, and each person was taking entirely to long to introduce themselves.  I was nerd and timed someone that I was watching( I was a creeper!) and they talked for 5 minutes straight!!  I would have been there for 2 hours if I stood in that line!  It was like a freakin' circus in there. 

Then...as the icing on that stinkin cake....my Jeep's engine overheats on our 2-hour drive home.

THANK GOD we made it to a gas station.  I've never seem steam pour out of a hood like it did out of mine.  The pressure was so high that it shot the radiator cap off like a rocket.

So...we sat at the gas station for about 40 minutes until the radiator cooled ( Thank you water hose), and then we went on our merry way.

For about 20 miles.

Then the radiator gauge thingy went to hot again.  So...we pulled off to ANOTHER gas station.

And waited another 30 minutes.

FINALLY, the gauge went  back to normal and we rode home with our windows down and the heat turned on ( to pull heat away from the radiator).  Fun stuff.  I learned a lot about cars.

I'm definitely NOT going to get a job at that hospital.

And my Libby (my Jeep Liberty) is going to the shop tomorrrow
 for who knows how long :(


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