Saturday, March 20, 2010

Carolina in the morning!

 My nursing portraits S U C K E D.  They were elementary-school-yearbook-picture-level bad.  I looked completely washed out and my face looks so fat.  I told my mom she could by ONE picture...but that was it.  It's torture enough knowing that this picture will be on my RN License. 

SO...I asked my wonderful photographer friend if she'd do a shoot with me!

We met the beautiful USC horseshoe this morning.  The weather was BEAUTIFUL!  The horsehoe was bare (it was 9:30am).  The flowers were blooming and the way the light was coming in throught the trees, it was GORGEOUS! Maybe not as gorgeous as the picture above, but we tried!  And from the pictures that  I saw, they TURNED OUT WONDERFUL, and those aren't even editted yet!

The Horseshoe [ Photo Credits: ]

Caroliniana Library Garden fountain [ Photo Credit: Arlene Marturano,

We did some at this fountain which is behind The South Caroliniana Library which happens to be the oldest free-standing college library in the nation. 
Then I changed clothes and we walked to the SC State House and got some awesome shots on the steps and on the grounds!  I'm SO excited to see them!!  She took like 220 shots!! 

I'll DEFINITELY post them when she's done editting them!!

Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina!



  1. I'm sorry to hear your pictures didn't turn out well. My graduation pictures look similar, I think! But, those pictures around your city look beautiful! It makes me wish I lived more toward the south. I'll be excited to see how the other ones turned out! :)

  2. great idea with doing your own photoshoot, sounds like it was a blast!
    cant wait to see how the photos turn out =)


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