Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring are SO close.

The only things standing in the way of my spring break is a presentation and this dang 10 page research paper.  I do feel like I am a good BSer, but you can only BS so much.
OF COURSE, GO FIGURE, my paper topic is IMPOSSIBLE to find anywhere on the internet. If I do find something, its useless because I can't view it because I'm not a part of the Epidemiology Society of Blablabla, and I don't have $30 to blow so I can view an article that I may cite 2 sentences from.  UGH. Nervewracking!

I present my project tomorrow at the hospital, so I am quite nervous about that!  I have to have an audience so I begged my preceptor to only invite the administrators and directors that I know! Haha . She I'm praying there are only a few there! Cross your fingers and toes and pray that I don't pass out!!

And to make things JUST MARVELOUS, I have a gyno appointment tomorrow... BOOOOO on you March 1-5th!



  1. I am sure you will do great on your presentations! Hope you have a wonderful spring break, I know I am excited for mine also!

    Also, good luck with your first job interview! I live in Wilmington and they have a wonderful new NICU!

  2. U hear ya on the $30 article just to site 2 sentences of any.. THAT sucks!
    Best of luck and let us know how it goes!

  3. I actually applied to New Hanover Regional! I love love LOVE Wilmington!


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