Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I got my first blog award! Thank you Kelly at Lifes a Beach!  I love blogging and just knowing that people are reading my stuff means a lot! :) Thanks Girls!

The requirements for this award are to list 6 things you're a master at....and then pass it along to your favorite blogs!

1. I am a master at sleeping in! Helllo night shifts in the future!
2. I am a master at making the BEST chicken and dumplings EVER!
3. I am a master at remembering funny movie quotes! Well...at least I think I am a master at that
4. I am a master at NOT cleaning my room when I should.
5. I am a master at singing along to the radio!
6. I am a master at being ME!

I give this award to these awesome ladies, who entertain me daily with their blogging skills!

Katie B at Tales of a GRITS

Lindsay at Southern Cinderella 



  1. Thanks Megan! I think we are master's at some of the same things, like sleeping in and not cleaning our rooms when we should.

  2. Thanks Megan!!! I will post my award this weekend :)


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