Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Summer...please come soon!

My weekend was amazing!  The weather in Clemson, SC was gorgeous!! I was kicking myself for not taking my rainbows with me!  I don't think it got below 50degrees during the day! Can't wait for warm weather to come and stay!!   We went to a baseball game on Friday.  Never actually went into the game! Then we went downtown...well to the 3 little teensy weensy bars in downtown Clemson.  Saturday night, we went bowling.  Which was toooo much fun.  My highest score was a 29.  I think that means I made like 8 straight gutter balls.  BUT who's counting?! 

Chels and I at the baseball tailgate.

My little Clemson Tiger. 

No good photos were taken downtown. : ( 

TONIGHT! Was a different story.  The Colonial Center at the University of South Carolina turned into Margaritaville!

I, along with several friends went to the Jimmy Buffett concert.  It was amazing!! He played for 2 hours and 45 minutes.  We tailgated from 4 until 7:45pm!  It was a great show.  The guys in front of us were smoking , so I got a contact high.  Joy.  Pot smoke makes me want to vom.  I'm glad I never got into that stuff.  That was the only downer of the night!

My roommate Lizzy and I tailgating!

This is how you tailgate in SC.

A Landshark !!

We had a pretty awesome view!

The man himself!

He is an awesome musician!

I loooove this Jimmy Buffett song.  He didn't play it tonight :'(

Key West anybody?


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