Sunday, February 14, 2010


I LOVE THE OLYMPICS.  Everything about it just draws me in and I've been like that for years.  I love the summer and the winter olympics equally and just can't get enough.  I'm kind of obsessive because I google and keep up with all of the athletes . Yea...I'm a weirdo!!  I think my interest comes from the wanna be athlete in me. HAA.  I lack any type of athletic ability.

 I remember it was after the 1996 Games in Atlanta, that I joined gymnastics. Maybe I was thinking that one day I'd be flipping for gold medals.  I stuck with gymnastics for a year....I even had an American flag leotard!! Don't laugh....I was only 8.  I'd go to the ice skating rinks every year after the winter olympics.  I WAS pretty good.  I mean I COULD skate backwards and forwards without falling.  Sooo naive.  After the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, my little gymnastics Olympic dream came back. I remember in the pool every summer, I'd practice my handstands and backflips until I was pruny.  I gave up when I cracked my head open on the side of the pool after doing 15+ underwater backflips.  6 staples later...I realized that I just need to get my Olympic fill every 2 years on TV.

SO...I'm very excited about the Vancouver games.  There is nothing sweeter than see our own up on the medal stage and hearing the National Anthem.  I get chills....and I just love seeing the emotion in their faces.  Can't wait to see who wins!  There is actually a girl originally from my hometown and who went to my high school at the games.   Lauren Cholewinski, she is a speedskater racing in the 500m.  I really hope she does well!!


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  1. I have never been a huge fan of the winter Olympics but I have gotten addicted to watching the different types of skiing.


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