Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I have had the worst time over the past year when it comes to vacations

No matter what I do....something happens and screws everything up.

Ski Trip of 2009 with my boyfriends family turned sour.  We were staying in his aunts cute little cabin in the woods.  The ski resort was about 30 minutes away.  We had a lovely little dinner before we were about to go nightskiing.  Daves parents left us with one of their cars.

  I get to the top of the top of the mountain, and I feel like I got punched in the gut, and then felt like I was being blown up with air.  I've never felt pain like that. The first thing that comes to my mind is a bowel obstruction ( hypochondriac nurse's 1st instinct).  Dave notices and could tell that I felt like I was going to die.  I literally told him....I'm either going to vomit or do something else, right here right now.  I totally thought I was going to have a Charlotte moment from Sex and the City. 

 So...I leave him standing on the top of the moutain and completely flew down the mountain.  I could have won gold if I was racing someone.  I made it to the bathroom.  Threw up 4 times in like 20 minutes....among other things.  I call Dave and tell him I have to go back to the cabin.  He gets pissy and says he'll be there in a minute.  He didn't realize how sick I was until he saw me.  I had my ski pants on and a long sleeve shirt and thats all....and it was like 20 degrees outside.  I was burning up.  

He ended up taking me back to the cabin and by some miracle I didn't throw up or poo my pants during the 30 minute ride back .  Funny thing about the whole situation.  The cabin had ONE bathroom.     HORRIBLY EMBARASSING!!

Last February, I was invited to go to Berlin, Germany with my friend to visit her brother over our spring break.  I got my passport expedited so it would get to me by the time we left.  So.. I get my passport, and then before we book, this friend ( I have forgiven her) announces to me that  the other friend who was going along with us couldn't go. 

So...her mom got time off work and is now going on the trip.  I had a gut feeling this would happen.  Instead of a fun college spring break trip to Europe, the fun of the trip would be changed because of the parental going along with us.  STILL...I would have gone! But, friend wanted this trip to now be a family trip. Again...forgiven her and thank God I didn't go because my Daddy had an scary health problem which amounted to 1 night in the hospital .  We thought he was having a heart attack...he didn't though.  Anyway..another story another time.

 So.... Megan didn't get to go to Europe.

I went on a cruise in May of 2009.  The cruise was SO much fun!  However, on the FIRST day on Cococay, I decide to go snorkeling. No, I didn't get bit by a shark, or a stung by a sting ray.  I lost my contact.  Big deal?  Yes.  I didn't bring an extra pair like I ALWAYS do.  And I'm blind as a bat without my contacts.  So...for the next 2.5 days...I could hardly see out of my right eye. 

It made drinking more fun though!

 My family rented a beach house in Murrells Inlet, SC.   It was Day 2 of 4 that I would be spending my family and then Dave and I were going to drive to Topsail Island, NC to spend the rest of the week with his family.  We decided to go get the rain.  

I was driving along and I come to a place in the road where there is a yield sign...for the other side of the ride.  I'm a cautious driver and I see that there is a car coming.  So, I slow down, just in case she doesn't stop.  She stops, so I go through, because I have the right-of-way. Then all I see is a red ugly car coming towards me and then I felt impact.   All I felt was that my leg felt like it was on fire ( It wasn't, nothing was on fire). 

 THEN.  The lady drives off.  Dave flys out of the car like a bat out of hell and flags down a truck to follow Miss-Hit-and-Run.  The guy ended up getting her tag number.   Turns out that she DID have insurance, but would NEVER talk to the insurance people.  She must have been hiding something. So I spent the rest of the vacay on the phone talking to multiple insurance people on the phone.  JOY.  

Oh...and it sucks to have whiplash at the beach.  Waves and whiplash don't mix.

As a graduation present, my family, Dave's family, Dave's twins girlfriends family and like 8 other families were going to go on a cruise in June.  We had been planning it since September.  We were going through a travel agent, who we trusted completely.  We had our money ready for the first deposit, but then the travel agent tells us that because we have such a large group, we didn't need to pay the deposit in November.  She said that there was a policy change and the girl that she talked to with Carnival said that Carnival didn't need a payment from us until February. 

 So.  We wait until February, and our travel agent is about to pay them for our whole trip.  The 'girl' our agent talked to was a 'new hire' and completely LIED about us not having to pay the deposit.  It wasn't our travel agents fault. It was this new girls fault. She ruined my vacation!.  Carnival accepted sole responsiblity for their mistake, but they REFUSE to let us have the group rate price.  So instead, they want us to pay like $200 more than what we would have originally payed. 

So... NO cruise for us! The cruise was out of Charleston,SC too. So... not only was it a good price, but we would have only had to drive 2 hours to get there.   And with everyones schedules was the only cruise that fit for everyone. 

No graduation trip.  I'm so mad!



  1. I just laughed out loud! You poor thing! All of your vacations have definitely been traumatic! The ski story is awful! What a horrible place to get that sick!!

    Hope your next one goes fabulously!

  2. I totally feel you on the contact thing. I am SUPER blind. I would have to like close my eye or something. I prescrip is -6.50 and -7.0 if that gives you an idea. I always try to bring my glasses. When I went on my cruise this last year I hurt my neck and for about 2-3 days of it I had to keep my head tilted to the side so I wouldn't have terrible pain. Grrr....

    Cute blog!



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