Thursday, February 4, 2010

Exercise Slump

I AM horrible at sticking to an exercise routine.  I am soooo good for about a week. Then, the weekend comes and that totally messes me up.  I haven't done my P90X videos since Friday..  I'm horrible.  BUT..I think a minute change will help me.  Sundays were my rest day.  SO...I'm changing my rest day to Saturday.  I think that I just get so caught up in sleeping in on Saturday mornings and going out on Saturday nights that I just forget about doing it.  Or I'm so pooped from the rest of the week that I just put it off..and then all of a sudden its Sunday.  SO.  I'm going to start back to the P90X stuff tomorrow. And tomorrow is YOGA! So that means that on Sunday I'll start with the 'old' Monday video.

I'm so mad at myself for all of this.  I've got so much fluff that needs to just go away.  I've got graduation at the beginning of May ( 92 days to be exact).  If I do my videos religiously...for 90 days.  I'll be hot and skinny by May 5th..  Then I can kick my workouts into high gear and loss a few more lbs by June 11th, which is a cruise that my family, Dave's family and a group of 20 of our parents friends are going on. 


I've been on the hunt for this summers swimsuit collection.

I think VS has the best selection

Here are some that I'm in love with! 

This one can be worn 5 different ways-->
<----TOO cute
This color pattern is called watercolors
<--I LOVE animal prints!

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  1. I love love love the second one and the last one. Very cute!!!


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