Monday, February 1, 2010

A Look Back at 2009


- VERY interesting psych clinical begins!

- Another ridiculous and stress semester begins.

-Roommate gets cute precious little chihuahua, named Darby Sweetbottom.

- Sinus infection numero tres of the school year

-Roommate situation gets heated.  It's me, and my 2 roommates against our antisocial psycho bitch roommate ( and her sasquatch/Chewbacca of a boyfriend.)

-Ski Trip with Dave and his family!


- Valentines Day and Dave came to Columbia!

- Sinus infection turned into bronchitis.

- First ever post-mortem care at clinical. Definitely a very strange and surreal experience. First time ever in a morgue. Hopefully my last time while I’m alive.


-Helped several March Baby Friends celebrate their 21st!

-Saw my friend John for the last time
-Celebrated my 21st!
-Carolina Cup Steeplechase Horse Race!!  Fun...Even though it rained cats and dogs!

-STILL haven’t gotten over the sinus/throat stuff from January.

-Roommate war begins.


- Spent a crazy interesting day in the ER with my instructor.

- Did my first ever real chest compressions on a guy in cardiac arrest, who ended up not making it.

-Screw you ragweed and pollen.

- Last clinical of the school year!

- Finals

- Accepted into the student nurse extern program at the hospital back home!

- I found our goat, Gilbert, dead. Yes, we have a goat. 2 actually. I do not live on a farm. I do not live on a farm.


-Cruise to the Bahamas with 5 wonderful friends!

-Gave up meat because of this book.

-Started work and had my first ever 12 hour shift. It was definitely something to get used to!


-Felt the pain of losing an amazing person. My friend John was killed in a car accident down at the beach. He was one of Dave’s best friends. It was the hardest week of my life.

-Saw life come into the world 5 times during my day in Labor and Delivery. Simply amazing.

-My sweet cat of 14 years dies.

-New apartment with one of the same roommates and a new roommate!

-5 sweet years with Dave!


-4th of July ruined my meat-free streak.

-Had a falling out with my best friend. I have yet to speak to her.

-Went to the ENT and found out that I have a severely deviated septum, sinus polyps, and swollen turbinates that needed to be repaired via surgery.


-End of externship!

-Murrells Inlet beach trip with the family

-My freshmen year roommate from Missouri and her boyfriend now fiancé came to stay with us for a night at the beach

-Totaled my car . I got t-boned on the driver’s side of my car. AND the bitch drove off.  It doesn't look totaled but the frame was pushed up and in like 5 inches.

-Got a Jeep!

-Had a nose job. Not Really. Definitely not cosmetic. I can actually breathe! And as of February 1, 2010, I have YET to get sick.



- Celebrated my 2 of my friend’s 21st. Birthday girl is in the middle.

- Booooo Medical / Surgical Nursing. You suck.



-Mooooore Carolina football!

-Clemson for Halloween weekend. I didn’t even get to dress up because it was cold and wet and yucky.


-Dave and his twin turn 22!

-Med/Surg II almost killed me.

-Nursing school almost killed me


-Clemson gets their asses handed to them by USC!


-Last clinical of 2009
-Exams until the last possible day of exams.

-Baby brother turned 18.
-5 ½ years with Dave. !

Overall...I give 2009 at 5 out of 10. 

How would you rate your 2009?

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