Sunday, May 23, 2010

How did I accumulate so much $#!!+ ?

I finally unpacked from college.  It was a horrendous task that took 3 days to complete. 
And for 3 days my room was completely like a landmine field. 

I have yet to tackle reorganizing my closet, which I'm leaving for another day!

I had 3 large trashbags full of clothes that I'm going to give to Goodwill ( for  that 1st tax-write off once I get a job) and 4 trashbags full of ...well...trash.

My room still needs a TON of work though, i still have lots of knick-knacks that I've accumulated over the years that aren't appropriate for a 'college graduate" room.  Again....another day!

I also need to go on a major shopping spree to buy clothes ( when I get that 1st big girl paycheck...from the big girl job...that I haven't gotten yet).  I never realized that half my wardrobe is t-shirts. I also just threw away clothes that I never wear anymore.  It's still cute, but just not me anymore!

I had fun pulling stuff out of my drawers from years ago and wondering why the hell I would walk out in public in that.  I seriously pulled out a skirt that probably wouldn't even cover up my girly parts now.  What was I thinking!?  And for the tops? Holy moly,  my boobs bust out of half of them now.

I think its time for a new wardrobe. 


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  1. I'd be happy to help with your room if you were being serious, lol. Just send me some pics of it and I'll get to work :-)


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