Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Doggy Photo shoot

My dog Max is my heart and soul. 
 He is the sweetest most loving dog in the whole world.
I can't even describle my love for this dog.  
He truly is a 'clearance dog', my mom and brother came home from a garage sale with him. 
He has more than one name.  He responds to all of them.
PD for Perfect Dog
PD has us calling him Petey.
And then sometimes my dad calls him Short.  Because of his abnormally short tail.
Our other dog Molly is sometimes called Long....because her tail is long.

I wonder what I'm going to name my kids in the future. Hahaa


Here are some shots I got of Max/PD/Petey/Short today.  He was SUCH a good little model!

He is at the foot of my bed right this very minute!


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