Thursday, January 28, 2010

My day...and My big fat opinion.

  Today was my first day of my Leadership & Management preceptorship. We follow a unit nurse manager or a director of something like case management, infection control, inpatient staffing, surgery etc. I spent all day in meetings and probably lapped the hospital like 12 times. I've always thought about nursing in a clinical setting, but this has really opened my eyes. I can't really say much because the case we were working on is strictly confidential. All I can say is I am amazed at everything that goes on behind closed doors in hospitals.

  I'm currently watching Lifetimes: Pregnancy Pact. I worked on a postpartum unit this summer as a student nurse extern and I can tell you that about 2 in 5 women who came to the floor after delivery were under the age of 20. It's ridiculous. Even though I've never birthed a child, I've witnessed over 15 births in the past 9 months (haha...seriously...kind of ironic). It is a beautiful experience either way you look at it, a new life, a new child. BUT... Teenagers don't understand the implications that a pregnancy can cause. Pre-ecclampsia can kill you if not treated appropriately. You could go into preterm labor; there is chance for fetal demise. Being a teenager is a risk factor for all of those, and I'm only mentioning a few things that can happen. I've witnessed a 32week gestation c-section. Those babies were so tiny, but NOTHING like what I saw in the NICU. When I was shadowing in the NICU, there were twins that were born at 23 weeks. That is one week below Viability week which is 24 weeks. Those babies will spend their first year or more in the NICU, if they survive. Before I had OB, I never knew that you bleed for 6-12 weeks after delivery. I knew that you could tear, only because my aunt tore when she had my cousin, BUT I never knew you could tear down to your anus. Ouch. Anyways, birth is beautiful AND gross at the same time. It’s amazing what the female body can do. I want kids, but not any time soon. I want to experience delivering a child, but not right now. I think baby bumps are ADORABLE! However, not on teenagers. Anyways, I suggest that you watch The Pregnancy Pact.


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