Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Holy Moly.

I began Day # 3 of P90X today.  It was supposed to be Shoulders and Arms and Abs today, and yesterday was cardio X, but I switched it up and did cardio today and shoulders arms and abs last night.  Only to spare my neighbor below me.  Cardio has me jumping around my room like a crazy person and I began exercising late last night. Which was a bad idea.  Those wonderful endorphins kept me up until like 3 something this morning!  Tony Horton, you are a  BEAST! I felt like a failure because I had to sit and watch a few of the exercise because I really felt like I was going to fall over! I'm excited about tomorrow though. Yoga X.  Its nothing NEAR peaceful.  Its hardcore and last time I did it when I only did 1 week of p90x, I layed on the floor for like 10 minutes after it was over.  I felt amazing though.  I'm so excited about getting back into shape.  I can already feel that my abdominal muscles are keeping organs where they are supposed to be!  Exciting!!

Check out P90X.


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