Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Boys of Fall

Happy September Y'all!  I loooove FALL!


Kenny Chesney completely took me back to high school and college with this beautiful magnificent creation of his.  The video is ridiculously good...and will bring a tear to your eye ( maaaybe)

Please watch it.

It literally sends chills up my spine, because I remember every Friday night in high school I was in those stands cheering on Dave and the rest of the guys.  I miss it so much. Football is a HUGE part of my town.  We have the #1 high school player in the nation right now.....and last weekend TWO teams from my home town played each other and were featured on ESPNU.

Oh...and better yet...
South Carolina's opening game is tomorrow night ! Steve Spurrier is in the video at 4:19.


"Young girls will dream about the boys of Fall"

Homecoming- Fall 2006.   

Dave is #50, his twin Dan is #33. 
My dear friend John who passed away last June is in between them.

Watch and enjoy and I hope that the memories come flooding your mind...or that this just pumps you up for football season!


  1. The blogosphere is in love with Fall today! I heard that song on the radio today and got excited too! I think we're all ready for our fall weather, football, etc!

  2. I loveee that song! Nostalgia at it's best. Thanks so much for the nursing school advice!! I left you an award on my blog :)

  3. Okay seriously SO WEIRD that you mentioned Sex and the City Uncovered because our Campus Crusade girls did a Bible study on that last year at Ole Miss! And the author came and spoke to our campus. AND I have a post coming up about an excerpt from the book that really touched me. You seriously read my mind. We would totally be friends in real life :)


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