Saturday, September 11, 2010

Out of Whack

My sleep cycle is completely out of whack thanks to night shift. Night shift by far has way more pro's than cons than day shift. Still...there's some major adjusting that needs to be done. I was SUPPOSED to have this weekend off. Nope....I got called in twice. I work tonight and tomorrow night and I'm on the schedule to work monday and Tuesday. And... because I thought I wouldn't be working this weekend... I slept just enough on Friday to be able to get back on a day schedule. Grrreat. I'm tired already. 7am better come fast.
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  1. Girlfriend, I feel your pain. You CAN DO IT though! I know how bad it totally sucks with the nightshift. Oh, and to clarify from your sweet post on my blog, I love being a nurse...but I'm definitely not crazy about this particular job. God put me here for a reason though, and I'm learning SO MUCH! It's all going to work out for us though, dear! Keep your chin up. Praying for you!


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