Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I got another award!

This time it's from sweet (future RN) Kelly Lynn at Lifes a Beach

She's a nursing student from the coast of North Carolina and her blog is precious.

The rules are to link up to the person who gave it to you, thank them, list 7 things about yourself, and then pass it along to other bloggers whose blogs you love and want to highlight!

1. I'm from beautiful South Carolina! Nothin' could be finer than to be in Carolina!

2. I graduated from the University of South Carolina (Go Gamecocks!) in May of 2010 with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Nursing.  I passed the NCLEX in June, and I work as a registered nurse at a Post-Acute Care facilty.

3. I've dated my boyfriend Dave for 6 years.  We met in 10th grade and began dating the summer in between 10th and 11th grade.   He goes to Clemson ( USC's biggest rival).  We don't speak to each other one day a year....the Saturday after Thanksgiving!

4. I love photography.  I may not be creative at anything else artsy....but I think I have a good eye with a camera. I finally got my first Digital SLR for graduation.

5. I drive a black 2002 Jeep Liberty! My old car (2002 Nissan) was totaled on vacation last August in a hit and run accident.

6. I'm 22 going on 3.  I still sleep with my Teddy and Gaa-Gaa.  I stole Teddy from my 22 year old aunt when I was 3 and never gave him back.  Gaa Gaa is a silky slip that I somehow became attached to when I was little too.  Teddy and Gaa used to be separated entities but ever since Gaa Gaa almost got flushed during a midnight potty run when I was 8, Gaa Gaa is worn by Teddy.  Weird...I know!

7. I have a 'Million Dollar' mouth and have more than enough reasons to be afraid of anything flying towards my face.  I think my biggest fear is getting my teeth knocked out.  Anything having to do with teeth getting broken makes me gag!

I'm passing this award along to the following lovely ladies-


  1. Megan! I'm so excited to read your blog! Brandon and I skimmed through it quickly last night before bed & he enjoyed the high school pictures of Dan & Dave, lol!

    Thank you for the award! Hope all is well :)

  2. Thank you so much for the award! I love your answers. My husband is a NC State fan so we don't agrue too much about our teams. We do fight over the ACC and the SEC though. To me there is NO comparison!

  3. Just stumbled onto your blog! I'm your newest follower!


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