Saturday, November 6, 2010

Farmer's Market!

I woke up early this morning so that my friend Amanda and I could go to the Charlotte Farmer's Market.  I bundled up for the 52 degree weather and had my camera all ready to go.  Halfway there I realized I forgot the battery. Fail.

I was so excited to take pictures of all the pretty fruits and veggies and of me and Amanda trying to be healthy and domestic.

I ended up getting 6 beautiful meduim size tomatoes for $1.15

3 heads of hearts of romaine lettuce for $1.50

A rather large bunch of fresh basil for $1

And a MASSIVE bouquet of flowers for $10. ( If I got these quality flowers at a Flower Shop or at the grocery store I would have paid a TON of money for them.)

Soooo pretty.

Too bad we left because we couldn't handle the cold and Amanda was nauseas and woozy.

We headed to go shopping around Charlotte for the rest of the day.  We hit ONE store and then both felt like we were hit by Mack trucks.  We left for home around 2.

I don't know what hit us...or if it was the same thing that we both have. I feel like craaaaaap though! I haven't been sick in a long time.  I almost vommed coming in the door at my house.  Mom was browning ground beef and onions on the stove.  I made a beeline for my bed and slept until 6. 

 I still feel like pooooooo. 


Say a little prayer that I'm better for work on Monday because if I'm sick will probably be the death of me. No really.  My nerves are FRIED over that job. I get the shakes everytime I get overwhelmed at work and can feel my blood boiling. I get worry pains for days after I work.  You know when you stress too much and your body just aches? That's how I feel all the time. 

Ok...I'm done.


  1. OMG those flowers are so pretty! 10 bucks? What a steal. I love Charleston's farmer's market, but we don't have flower vendors. But we do have pony rides!

    Hope you feel better! I'm pretty congested & haven't felt quite like normal over the past few days. Guess there's a lot of bugs in the air!

  2. I'm assuming you went to the one on Yorkmont but I could be wrong--I love that one! And the flowers ARE a steal but they don't last as long which I'm assuming is b/c they aren't as sprayed with chemicals. :-)

    I was just catching up on your job drama and it sounds like a nightmare. I hope that everything gets better soon, my dear! Glad to see you blogging again :-)

  3. Mrs Davis....You're right! It was the Yorkmont Rd one! I loooved it! It was my first time there!


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