Saturday, November 20, 2010

Big News!



 They offered it to me on the spot after my interview!  I accepted on the spot too! I start 2 weeks from Monday! I put in my two weeks notice yesterday just because I could!

I am BEYOND excited!

 My reason for not blogging lately has been more stress/borderline depression than me just being lazy.  I've really been in a funk lately and it is mostly to blame on my work.  I was seriously thinking about going to the Dr. to see if I could get something for it, but ever since there have been a few leads on jobs, I've slowly but surely gotten 'happier" and have really felt better. My appetite has slowed down ( Thank God because I was eatting everything) and I've been getting better sleep. I guess I was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
Two weeks and I'll be OUT of where I'm at and starting fresh!!

My new job offers better pay, better working conditions (aka a floor that has never been used in the somewhat new brand spankin' new equipment),  and they offer much better benefits.  My new manager is SO nice, we clicked right from the start! I can't wait to start!! Finally a nursing job where I can actually do what I am supposed to do as a nurse!
OH...and yesterday was EXTRA great because by boyfriend's twin brother's girlfriend got a new job today too!

She was in the SAME exact position as me with her job.  She was getting treated horrible and was cussed at on a regular basis by her boss.  She was selling a product blindly to businesses across the country.  She said she was a 'glorified telemarketer for businesses".  Her new job is really close to home and she will be working for a lending company!

Yay for us!  We are celebrating tonight with Mexican food and Margaritas!


  1. I am so excited for you girl!!! I can't wait to hear all about it! Best of luck and have fun celebrating, you deserve to!

  2. Congratulations Megan!! I'm really happy for you. Can't wait to hear all about it! I'm sure it will go better than this last one! Love :)


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