Friday, January 28, 2011

So. Sore. Can't. Move.

That was the first thing out of my mouth this morning. 
Last night I spent THREE whole hours doing Just Dance with my 2 bffs. 
 One is preggo and she totally kicked my butt. The other is a former she kicked my butt too. I got 3rd place everytime.

But OH MY WORD. I haven't been this sore since my prom workouts in high school.  P90X didn't hurt this bad.  Maybe it's because I lack coordination and any dance skills.  Add laughing hysterically to the mix and that my why it hurts to breath right now. 

Oh...and I fell on my butt. 

However! I think this might just be the answer to my weight-loss prayers. I danced my little heart away for 3 hours and didn't even realize it! 

One hour a day for the next several weeks and I might just be a skinny minny.  Or be on my unit at the hospital. Haaaa

Yes. We were filmed. 

I'll have to think about posting them.

Have y'all "Just Dance" -ed?


  1. I love Just Dance! After the first time I had played it my arms were so sore!

  2. I love it! Oh how I remember our prom workouts at the Y and our 55-year-old step instructor would whoop our butts and yell "dresses girls! dresses!" at us when we were whining hahaha thanks for bringing back such a great memory!


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