Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Busy Me.

Holy Cow. Almost 2 months goes by and I've only blogged a couple times.

I will fill you in. 

1. Happy Birthday Blog!  It's been a good year!

2. Work is GREAT. I mean it. It's so much better than my old job.  My co-workers are AWESOME. My preceptors are AWESOME. I really feel like a real nurse.  I AM A REAL NURSE (RN...hahaaa).  Yes...there are bad days. Yes..there are still pain-in-the-ass patients, but the good days and the patients who are sincerely appreciative make up for it.   I go off of orientation at the end of March. I'm up to 4 patients now ( up.to 4 patients...HA... sounds retarded when I ONLY had 22 patients at my old job ).

3. I blogged about Christmas and my life in December. See here.

4.  My close friend found out that she is pregnant! Can't wait for August to meet him/her!

5. Weight loss. Haa.   I've been trying to eat healthier. TRYING. I've been packing my lunch more. Working out. HAHA. I'd rather sleeeeep! I did get a Wii Fit. It's fun. I guess that counts. I think I've been losing weight. Several people in the past 2 weeks have said that I look skinnier! Really ?! Thanks! I'll take it!

6. I've also been sick since January 14. Lets see. It started off as an upper respiratory infection and a sinus infection.  One doctors appointment and some Amoxicillin and 36 hours later and I feel worse than ever.  I go to the Urgent Care clinic and see Doctor #2 and he tells me that almost 2 full days of antibiotics hasn't touched what I have. He said that I had pharyngitis and both of my ear drums were inverted. (Inverted Ear drum-an imbalance in pressure between the middle ear and the outer ear caused by blocked (with mucus/throat funk) eustachian tubes--which can cause pain). Joy.  I missed work for the first time.  The next day at work was pure hell. I've never sneezed so much in my life. I'm tempted to call it projectile snotting . My sleeve needed to be autoclaved. Haha. Any who....2 days later and I felt better! I've still got the digusting crud cough but I feel dandy!!

7. Opie weighs 80 POUNDS. Holy Moly.

Ok. That's all I have for now. I'm exhausted. I worked a 14hour day yesterday and a 13 hour day today.  $$Money$$Money$$Money$$!

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  1. Goodness gracious I've missed your blog. Praise the Lord that you're back and will hopefully post everrrry day :) Oh, and SO glad you're loving your job. Makes me happy! And seriously...Mark Sloan?! You must be joking. Can I come work with you?! He is my ultimate!


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