Thursday, April 7, 2011

Back Again!


But I'm BAAAACK. I think.

This past month and a half have been stressful and crazy.

Let me fill you in!

1.  I turned the big 2-3! I didn't do much for my birthday. Just had a loooovely lowcounty boil with my parents and brother and the boy. Delish!! And..... My birthday gift from my parents is going to be MY CHOICE of something fabulous in NYC!

2.  My grandmother got put in the hospital for antibiotic therapy for a kidney infection and dehydration, 2 days after her 81st birthday. They discharged her 4 days later. 

Then 3 days after she got home, she fell and broke her hip.  She was placed on my unit at the hospital! I got to keep a close eye on her, but I couldn't be her nurse.  She was on my floor for 4 days and then they discharged her to a very good rehab facility. 

Well...4 days later ( this past Sunday ), we get a call from the rehab and they told us they were rushing her to the ER.  Poor Mammaw.  They thought it was heart or kidney related but everything came back normal She is back at her rehab facilty doing very well! She finally has an appetite and is raring to go! Keep her in your prayers!!!

3. I am finally off of orientation at work!! It is so liberating to be by myself ( but equally as terrifying!)

4.  12 days until I go to NYC with my mom, my BFF and her mom!!  4 free days off of work to get organized. 7 actual 12 hour shifts. One wedding ( i have the day off for that but I'm not counting it as a free day!)  So puuuumped!

5.  My friend and I booked a reunion cruise to the Bahamas with a few of our nursing school friends.  We all haven't been together since May 7th, 2010.  The cruise is in September and it is leaving from Charleston, SC and leaves on Wednesday and comes back to port on a Monday. None of us have to take off any time from work.  Now I just have to get skinny!
6.  My friend found out that she is going to have a little boy!!!!! I'm so excited.  Little Wyatt is going to be spoiled ROTTEN!

The next few weeks are going to be BUSY, but a FUN busy....and hopefully not a stressful busy like the past month has been.
Yay for me being back in the blog moooooood!


  1. Wow, girly! Sounds like you've had a lot on your plate lately! Glad your grandma is okay though! I hope you have a lot of fun on all your upcoming trips - lucky girl! : )

  2. Sounds like life is full and lovely for you, except for your grandma's health. I hope she is back on her feet soon. Have a great time in NYC and take us along with your camera!

  3. Your poor grandmother! I hope she has a speedy recovery!! Enjoy your trip to NYC! That sounds like it's going to be a ton of fun!

  4. A cruise with your nursing school friends sounds sooo fun!!!! Isn't nursing can take vaca and not even taken any time off work!!

    I hope your grandmother makes a speedy recovery!!


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