Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Life has thrown several curveballs this past week.  Good and bad.  I have had no urge to blog about them...and will not have the time to blog about them until next week.

I leave for Missouri for my friends wedding this evening.

I'm stressing to the max! I'm not fond of flying. It's not the up in the air part....it's the anxiety about losing baggage, making the flight and pulmonary embolism risks ( it's the RN in me).  Oh...and that the plane might fall out of the sky (knock on wood).

AND.....this trip is the FIRST time I've ever flown solo.  AND I have a connecting flight in Memphis.  Crap.  I'm SO nervous that I'm going to be a ditz and miss my connecting flight. 

So....pray that I get to where I'm supposed to go !  And that I don't get a deep vein thrombosis, and that I don't lose my baggage.  And that the person I sit next to isn't stinky or creepy.  Ok. I'm done.



  1. Good luck with flying. I know how you feel; I get nervous too! But, just say a prayer, take some deep breaths, and drink lots of water. You will be fine! :)

    Hope things are well with you.

  2. HOpe you are ok! Good luck with flying!


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